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A Shelter Friend, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization with a vision: To end the killing of homeless and unwanted pets.

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This is Owen Formerly named Simon at the Barbie pond in D.C. He was one of the 5 siblings that went to City dogs in DC. He is in foster for only a little while longer as he has a home waiting.
OWEN has had a long journey. He started out with his siblings in in a field in North Carolina running loose with his 4 siblings ending him in in the county kill shelter. When we A Shelter Friend saw them, we reached out to our rescue partner City Dogs Rescue and city kitties rescue in Dc. We pulled the family, they jung out at a shelter friend safe for a few weeks. They were vetted and then traveled to a foster home in the city. Owen and his siblings have never been in a home and had a lot to learn before they would find a successful forever home. He now is ready to go to a waiting forever home. Thrusting a dog from a shelter into a forever home often fails. Many of these animals need to learn how to become pets and part of a family. This is ideally A Shelter Friend works to save lives as a Liaison group. We save their life initially and get them on the road to a successful new home and a happy new life. Without wonderful rescue partners like city dogs and city kitties rescue this happily ever after would not be possible
Thank you.
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HELP Share and network this wonderful idea so that on June first , the whole country will be planting Sunflowers****** I've been thinking about and working on a project for a while and the time has come to begin. The Rescue Sunflower Project is a chance to end the nationwide problems we face with dogs in the shelter system. This is a grass roots movement heading to the roots of a problem, focused on remembrance, awareness and growth. We will only succeed with the power of people and the support of the dog loving community. I ask you all to take a moment to visit the page and see the vision and consider becoming a sponsor and spread the word by sharing high and wide. Like so many of my friends in rescue, I'm tired of the same thing week in and week out. "Get as many as we can out before it's too late" is the week's agenda. I'm tired, really tired and stressed all of the time just like so many in rescue. Imagine if we all worked together to focus on a true solution? If we stopped putting a band aid on to stop the bleeding and found the cure? I want an answer and we are going to work for it together. I ask you please to join this grass roots movement and help us gain support coast to coast. Let's cover this country in beauty, The Rescue Sunflower Project..............Remembrance, Growth and Awareness Sow the Seeds Nationwide in June 2018! It's a comin'!!! Visit the website that is now up and is growing just like we hope the project does. rescuesunflowerproject.org Facebook @The Rescue Sunflower Project Instagram @rescuesunflowerproject Rescues can apply for grants at www.gratefuldoggies.org/rescues-unite-rsp We are Grateful Doggies.....

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